Transmission oil leak



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Hi - I have just taken delivery of my 1st Evo 6. Its a low mileage example which I understand has been sat around quite a bit over the past few years. It has just been serviced and new cam belt by the dealer. Took it out for a short drive and I found it quite notchy through the gears. Particularly in 3rd. I wondered if it was lack of use. Got back home after about 20mins and noticed that the engine sounded rather rattily. Spoke to the dealer and he said they do tend to sound a bit like that but offered to come and see and have a listen. Told him will see how it is later. Reversed the car up the drive and it kept locking me out of reverse. At 1 point I couldn't select any gears. Eventually got the car into the garage then noticed large patch of transmission fluid where it had been sat. Looked under the car and it appeared to be leaking from the gearbox. Have spoken to the dealer a few times - this is an on going situation at the mo so I am sure he will do the right thing whatever that is - but he said that the sticky gears and oil leak may just be due to it being driven for the 1st time in ages.
I wanted to ask you knowledgeable lot if you thought that sounded feasible?
I have not owned a car like this. I have had Imprezas and have a WR1 but this seems to be a different thing entirely.
Many thanks for any advice.


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He's talking Utter bollox
It should NOT be leaking gearbox fluid
Take it back and ask him to fix it
Yes I know it might be daunting but you have paid for a car
he should ensure its roadworthy
It could be as easy as driveshaft oil seals or as nasty as gearbox side crank seal
It could be master or slave cylinders get him to check
The bottom line is



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Agree shouldn't be leaking even if it's sat for a year in a garage. If there is not direct impact damage it is likely from one of the seals which are glued with sealant/ silicone rather than gaskets. I would take it to a different dealership or a Mitsu specialist.