Tap / Knock / Rattle at 2500 - 3000rpm (light accelerator applied)



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Hey all,
Not a good first post on here, but i hope you can help. I have a 2008 Evo X FQ300 SST (80K) that has started to Tap / Knock / Rattle at 2500-3000 rpm (sometimes a little higher) under light acceleration then stops when depressed a bit further or lifted off. Sometimes I think the engine feels like it is holding back for a split second but not all the time. As I mentioned this occurs when the accelerator is applied lightly and not on overrun at the same rpm. The Gearbox shifts perfectly and has recently had filter and oil change. In fact all oils have recently been done alongside the Gearbox (T-Box, LSD, Torque, Engine) using the right spec and OEM filters. This noisy only starts to appear when the engine is operating at normal driving temperatures. I have ruled out heat shield as although this is a little loose I know the noises. Suspension ruled out as its a noise bugger anyway. It is 100% engine bay and sounds like top end. The bottom end also rattles in P and N but not in D or R but i have read that this is normal for 09's and i don't see why 08's wouldn't also suffer from this (say if i'm wrong here please if I am!). Also despite MPG being "amazing" I have noticed I am no longer getting my average of 26 and luck if I get 22 MPG. No idea why my head is going to coils, spark plugs, HT leads and/or injectors, it might just be wishful thinking? (They'll be replaced soon anyway).

Sorry for the long read, TL:DR, engines rattling, probably f**ked please prove me wrong...