Scotia White Evo IV GSR - Detailed



Luton, Beds
It came up as a topic a while back "What polish for a white Evo" so i thought'd I'd document the next one I got to work with.

This was taken as a swap for the owners old drift car. I was asked if I could 'stop it looking so flat'... Challenge accepted!
Having owned an Evo V in the past and having worked on a few, I knew the paint type and what was going to work for me :)

To start with.

Quite a bit to get on with then.

Wheels, tyres and arches first with Auto Finesse products with a selection of brushes.

Better, but still to be treated with fallout remover.

Citrus Pre-Wash applied and allowed to dwell.

Filler flap

After APC (should have taken a photo after rinsing really :lol: )

It was gross down here!

Thoroughly rinsed and then washed with Citrus Wash & Gloss.

2 rinse bucket changes required! Now you can see why we use this method - always clean with clean water :)

Loosely dried and Tardis applied.

Wiped away with a microfiber and rinsed.

Loosely dried again and fallout removerl used to tackle the embedded fallout/brake dust.

Rinsed off again and then a clay mitt was used.
I went with the 2 bucket method for this which worked very well for me :)

Rinsed off with a drying aid and then pat dried and taken in the garage for masking and to take some paint depth measurements.

Assessing the paint under halogen, florescent and LED light. Please ignore the black dots on the pictures, I need to got my lens cleaned :eek:

I readied the DA with mild polish and light polishing pad.

Bonnet before


Some nice gloss coming through.

Reflections popping out on the roof.

50/50 on the wing.

And the drivers door (damn this lens is filthy :( )

A few isolated scratches were tackled too.



I hope you can make out this 50/50 on the spoiler?

The car was wiped down with Eraser and rechecked with the halogen.

All good :thumb:

Class polished and water repellant applied.
Trims dressed with Auto Finesse Revive.
Tyres with Meg's Endurance.
Exhaust polished with Meg's NXT.
Interior hoovered, all surfaces wiped down with Valet Pro interior APC and Chemical Guys Cherry air freshener sprayed into the footwells.

Finally the car was waxed with Auto Finesse Desire.

Final shots. My photography skill let me down here :(

And a glimpse of the other car I detailed whilst I was there ;)

Thanks for reading :)
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Luton, Beds
Thanks guys :)
It makes me miss my old Evo every time I work on one :( I'll have another some day.