HKS Hard Pipe, Dump Valve Size Issue



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Hey, All.

Got my Evo 6 a couple of days ago and have a few things to do. One is to swap out the VTA BOV, that is currently installed, for a recirc valve (stalling issues when coming to a stop and cold starts).

I tried a friend's metal recirc valve, from an Evo 8, but the HKS intake pipe sits quite high, so it looks like the recirc valve hits the bonnet when it is shut. Also, the thinner, rubber hose (vacuum pipe?) is coming through the bonnet vent.
I have reconnected the VTA BOV until I can find a solution, and I know I could get a mapper to sort the VTA BOV, but the BOV noises are not my thing.

Anyone else had this issue? Was considering a Turbosmart Kompact, as I think they are smaller in size, but won't know until I buy it.