Hi there, new here and to the Evo community, please help!



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Hi there! Hope you're all well and surviving at this tough time!

Wondered if anyone could help me. Recently acquired an Evo Vi GSR, Seems like an exceptionally clean car inside and out and only has 26K on the clock. It has a couple of light modifications, Evo 9 turbo (i believe),new ECU (not sure what exactly),HKS induction kit and catback, AP Brakes and Koni suspension.

The car had been driving flawlessly the last few times i'd taken it out other than a bit of a bouncy idle when cold but it soon sorted itself out. Anyway, took it out a few days ago and it seemed very hesitant to accelerate and didn't feel like it wanted to build any boost... got it back, started it the next day and its running like an absolute bag of sh*t! Won't idle properly, misfires if you take it anywhere above 2k and just generally isn't happy!

Any ideas would be much appreciated before i take it to a specialist!

Also, if anyone could recommend someone to take it to that'd be much appreciated! Struggling to think of anyone round here that wouldn't be rubbing there hands together just to get a go in it!

Thanks again, much appreciated!