Hi All anyone up for a wedding?



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Hi everyone its a pleasure to be here, hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of owning an Evo and calling myself a member but today is not that day I'm afraid.. Today I am here as a biker, hoping my local car guys will do me a solid...
I'm hoping to find Evo owners in the South West of Scotland (Ayrshire) who would be willing to spend an hour of there day to drop off my future wife and her bridesmades at our wedding next halloween at the Brig O Doon hotel.. basically pick them up at our house in Ayr drop them off 10 mins away (or longer if you decide to go a blast).

It's on Thursday 31st October next year would need you guys for about an hour max.

I'm sorry if im coming across as cheeky and forward... I was a member of the focus owners club years ago and fondly remember the culture... some will think im a c*ck some will think it's a brilliant idea.. if your offended then i apologize in advance.

I would be more than happy to give you guys the photographers work to promote the club and cover costs for your time.

Unfortunately invites to the wedding are a no go... but anyone who comes is invited to the after party for munchies and a few beers on me ...

I appreciate you reading this and I look forward to hearing from you guys...