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Confused by all the talk of RS, GSR, FQ etc? This page should explain all.

Model Codes
Each Evolution model had a different 4-digit start of the ch***is number [the V and VI were the same, CP9A, VII, VII GT-A and VIII were also identical, they used CT9A - see Technical Specification for the full list].

There is also a model number to distinguish between the GSR and RS. The tables below show the meaning of each digit [example is an Evo VI TME GSR]:

What's the difference between the GSR and RS?
The Evo I to III RS and GSR employ the same gearbox. The later Evo's are however, different. The GSR box has longer gearing.

The RS Model hasn't got ABS or AYC and the car is between 70kg and 100kg lighter [dependant on model - see Technical Specification] due to lighter panels and lightweight window gl***. Although weight could be reduced further on the RS model by opting for the thinner gauge body, or by asking for a car minus the aerodynamic appendages.

There are a few more technical differences. These are:

Option of twin-plate clutch [from the 1996 Evolution IV]
TD05HRA-16G6-10.5T ***anium turbocharger was employed on the Evolution VI onwards
RS has closer gearing for better acceleration. But top speed is between 125mph and 150mph depending on model.
RS's 0-60 is a fraction faster than the GSR times
The RS also has a quicker steering rack, 2.1 max turns [2.3 on the GSR]
Option of either a normal open front diff or a helical gear Limited Slip Diff ['worm gear' type]
Rear differential is a mechanical LSD

There are a few cosmetic differences also. These are:

The RS has black door handles and wing mirrors
The RS has no rear wash wiper
The RS has no front fog lamps**
In some cases the wheels are 15" steels [it was option to have GSR wheels]
The RS has no Climate Control, electric windows or mirrors; the seats are slightly different
The RS is available in Scotia White only
Smaller leather Momo steering wheel [365mm] with no airbag
No central locking and no radio-type keyless entry system

** For the GSR models that have foglights, the RS bumper is the same but has the spaces blanked out with covers

As for refinement, the GSR is the more refined of the two. It has all the extras you would find in any saloon car such as climate control, electric windows, electric mirrors, Alloy wheels etc.

The RS seats are more like the traditional bucket seats used in compe***ion cars. Rally teams don't want climate control, nice seats, alloy wheels, ABS etc. as they would just have to ditch it all and replace it for high specification rally items or lose most of the equipment completely to save weight. The RS is a popular car with Group N teams.

The RS is a cheaper car, so if you were thinking of using the Evo a few times a month for a blast and for track days then the RS would seem a better option. But, if you are planning on driving the car frequently and like your luxuries then don't even consider the RS.

Other Evolution Models
OK, so you are clued about on the GSR, RS, but there are other Evo's you need to be aware of. From the 1992 Evo to 1996 Evo IV there were just the standard two models; The GSR and RS. The differences between these models are covered above.

There are some other models for the Evo V, VI, VII, VIII, VIII MR and IX. After the arrival of the Evolution V in 1998, the Evo model became a cult icon in the UK. Ralliart began to import the Evolution V and the Evolution VI. With years of knowledge and experience behind them, Ralliart began to experiment with the Evolution.

Below is some basic information on these extra special Evo's.

Evolution V/VI RS450 - UK Model
The RS450 upgrade was only fitted to the Evo VI. Although one Evo V RS did have the conversion done [white one featured in some magazines]. There were only 4 or 5 all based on eXtremes, and were based on the RSII, not an RS. So, air con, long gearing but no AYC or ABS. AP brakes were fitted to most of them but it wasn't mandatory and some had 4pot fronts with Brembo rears while the better option was 6pot front/4pot rear.

Why was it named the RS450? That was the torque figure they aimed for but never achieved. One has been measured [rolling roaded] at 383lbs/ft with 379bhp. 0-100 appears in just 8.8 seconds. A psychotic car! Ralliart also reckon 0-60 will appear in under 4 seconds. The original price tag was ?44,000! Rare as rocking horse s**t! I have never seen one in the flesh. All the customer cars were mapped conservatively to make sure that none exploded - which they didn't! More aggressive mapping would get much nearer to the aimed 450lbs/ft.

Evolution VI/VII RSII - European Models
The RSII is a cross between a GSR and RS. From the Evo VI onwards there is also an RSII version that sits in the middle ground between the RS and GSR but is basically an RS with some added GSR equipment. The RS and RSII is also available in LHD, the GSR is available in RHD only.

Evolution VI/VII RS Sprint - UK Models
The Evo VI RS Sprint is a Ralliart tuned Evo VI RS that produces a healthy 320bhp. Modifications include a Ralliart ECU, ARP conrod bolts, HKS exhaust system and HKS air filter.

Evolution VI RSX - UK Model
It doesn't have AYC or ABS or climate control but it does have electric windows and mirrors and has aircon. It has upgraded Recaro SR seats with more thigh support than the standard GSR. It has the standard GSR gearbox but also has the Torsen front diff.

It also has a big 16G ***anium turbo. This is the same turbo as the GSR but with a ***anium shaft and turbo wheel and it isn't the same as the small ***anium unit used on the Makinen editions. Some of the RSX's have had ARP conrod bolts put in but even Ralliart can't tell you which ones have and which ones haven't!!!

It also has a modified ECU to take account of the fact that there is no ABS and AYC. As a result of all this it weighs 1280kgs, which is approximately 80kgs less than the GSR. Due to the lighter weight it is supposedly slightly quicker to 60 but you're only talking tenths of seconds.

Evolution VI Tommi Makinen RS Monte Carlo - UK Model
The "Monte" is a Ralliart tuned Evo VI Tommi Makinen RS that produces a healthy 320bhp. Modifications include a Ralliart ECU, ARP conrod bolts, HKS exhaust system and HKS air filter. The front seats are changed to a pair of Recaro Black Recliners and the normal TME badging is changed to "Monte Carlo". Only 12 of these models were produced and to date, remain one of the rarest Evo's.

Evolution VI/VII/VIII Extreme/Extreme S/Extreme SC/Zero Fighter - UK Models*
Now, these are the ultimate Evo's. A few cosmetic changes, white and red colour-coding. The real deal! Not for the faint-hearted.

Head of tuning at Ralliart UK [now Xtreme Autos - See Ralliart goes "Xtreme"] Toney Cox stated that you would need a serious motorbike to keep with the Extreme [Quoted from the Mitsubishi Lancer Story DVD] I can believe him! The Evo VI Extreme can be picked up for under ?25k now. A bargain! Power figures are as follows:

VI Extreme/Zero Fighter : 340bhp : 303lb/ft of torque
VII Extreme : 339bhp : 350lb/ft of torque
VII Extreme S : 357bhp : 383lb/ft of torque
VII Extreme SC : 458bhp [500 is available] : 410lb/ft of torque
VIII Extreme : 337bhp : 320lb/ft of torque

*Zero Fighter was tuned by MMC Japan.

Evolution VII/VIII FQ-300/FQ-330 - UK Models
These are basically slightly tuned GSR models. Some question the price of the FQ models as an upgrade to a GSR model would be cheaper than buying an FQ model.

VII FQ-300 : Exhaust system/filter : 301bhp : 300lb/ft of torque
VIII FQ-300 : Exhaust system/filter : 301bhp : 300lb/ft of torque
VIII FQ-330 : Exhaust system/filter/ECU : 330bhp : 305lb/ft of torque

Evolution VIII MR FQ300/320/340 - UK Models
VIII MR FQ-300 : Base Model: 301bhp : 289lb/ft of torque
VIII MR FQ-300 : Exhaust system/filter : 320bhp : 300lb/ft of torque
VIII MR FQ-340 : Exhaust system/filter/ECU : 340bhp : 320lb/ft of torque

Evolution IX FQ300/320/340/360 - UK Models
IX FQ-300 : Base Model: 301bhp : 289lb/ft of torque
IX FQ-300 : Exhaust system/filter : 320bhp : 300lb/ft of torque
IX FQ-340 : Exhaust system/filter/ECU : 340bhp : 320lb/ft of torque
IX FQ-360 : Exhaust system/filter/ECU : 366bhp : 363lb/ft of torque
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