Evo 5/6 Rear Diffuser To Fit Standard Bumper



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Ok guys we are in the middle of development on these and we are hoping to have them ready to go in the next few weeks.

They are going to be based on the Evo 9 modified diffuser we sell and these will fit the standard bumper with some modifications. Basically you will need to follow the line on the bumper (as per the photo) and cut out that section of the bumper. This diffuser will then bond onto the bumper in place of the cut out section.

Ok here are the prices:

GRP Diffuser - £225.00 delivered within UK Mainland
Carbon Diffuser - £400.00 delivered within the UK mainland.

Here are some photos of where we currently are with development so you can have an idea on what to expect:

And with some carbon rear bumper extensions fitted which I can also supply:

We are currently debating what options to do for the exhaust hole. We are not sure whther to make them like this and then cut them out after so we can offer the option of twin exit exhausts or mould with just the standard hole space but round instead of oblong.

Here is a quick photoshop job to give you an idea of what it would look like fitted:

Cheers guys

Hi Rick I would like one of these for my evo 4