Buying tyres online is not as stupid as I thought



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I enjoy saving a few pounds as much as the next person, but I did not think buying tyres online made sense. What was I going to do with four tyres delivered to my door? I did not have the equipment to put them on, balance the tyres, and then dispose of the old ones.

I was convinced by the time you bought tyres online, took them to a shop, and had them mounted, you would spend more pounds than if you just bought them at a local shop.

I was sitting in the office on lunch break, watching my cohort shopping for tyres, and told him my opinion. He asked how much I paid for my last set of tyres, what brand, what size, and then he turned his laptop around and showed me the price. I was mad. The price was 30% lower than what I paid, but then I blurted out my regular defense, “How much you gonna pay to have them mounted?”

He pointed at the screen again and showed me the price said “installed”. I was confused. Installed by who? He just kept pointing at the screen. The site, Cheap Tyres Online with Price Promise Guarantee!, claimed to have over 200 sites here in the UK for insalling the tyres.

I typed in my postcode and found out I could have the tires mounted about a kilometer from the office. Now I was really angry. I paid 30% more and drove more. My wife's car was due for a new set of tyres, so I punched in her car information and found the prices were about 20% lower than the best quote I had found so far. It was one of those “what the heck” moments.

I guess it is not so stupid to buy tyres online. Maybe it is people like me who resist change that are the stupid ones.


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I've bought tyres on line from Camskill up cumbria 225/45x17
Goodyear f1 £350 to the door cheaper than anyone round here even
When fitting disposal added