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Hi guys,

Firstly I would like to say hi as I've just joined the forum. Secondly I have a few questions about my lancer that I would like to ask. I've just bought a GS3 1.8 and before everyone says I should have got a evo x and I need to sell it, I'm on a budget and an x is minimum 10k+ more than I can afford. Yes I would love an x but it's not possible. So can I make my GS3 look like an x? I know that the hood and spoiler are straight swaps, but are the front and rear bumpers? Would I need to swap the wing's as well for the front bumper to match ect. I'm replacing the wheels and suspension first to get it sitting right, and then the rest will follow when I can. Is there anything else you can suggest (apart from selling it for an x ) or is there another thread that's already covered this?