BMW E91 320d Touring



Luton, Beds
This ins't a huge write up. Just a short enhancement detail on a nice BMW in a lovely colour :)

The car didn't look to bad to begin with. Being owned by a true petrol head, it's looked after pretty well.

A tiny bit of polish residue in a few gaps but nothing major.

The owner had cleaned the weekend before and used iron X on the wheels so they only had a weeks worth of commuting present.

Wheels and tyres were cleaned with Auto Finesse Imperial and a selection of brushes.

The car was then rinsed before being doused in Citrus Pre-Wash. I went around the rubbers, trims, badges etc. while the pre wash was doing it's thing.
The car was then washed with Lather, pat dried, Iron Out applied, rinsed, pat dried, Tardis applied, rinsed and clayed with the G3 mitt. The contamination wasn't too severe otherwise I would have used clay.

Looking fresher already.

Checked under some lights.

After being polished and wiped down to remove the polishing oils.

Rear quarter before.

And after.

The car was looking nice and crisp after the polishing stage. I then went over again with Auto Finesse Rejuvenate to create a good base for the wax to bond to and fill a little. I wasn't chasing the swirls on this one ;)

The glass was polished with Autoglym Glass Polish.
Tyres dressed with Meg's Endurance.
Wheels sealed with G|techniq C2

All that was left was a coat of wax and to polish the exhaust tip.
The exhaust was polished with Mercury. Just as I finished I was shown the new Milltek tip that was going to be fitted, so that was polished too :)

A layer of Auto Finesse Spirit was applied to the car to give some great, durable protection.

Thanks for reading.
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