A real head scratcher!



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Hi Everyone,
We used to own a 2011 Evo X 300 auto box which was written off trying to avoid a deer (ouch) This had a two piece disk which was 350mm In diameter. We then bought a 2010 360 manual box and have just gotten round to changing the one piece disks. We bought the two piece disks which again are 350mm, but the disks on the 360 are only 320mm diameter, which means they are far too big for the callipers and bolts! As far as I know, the 320mm disks were used up till the Evo 9. Does anyone know if the early 2010 Evo X’s had the smaller disks? I can’t imagine that any of the past owners would have downgraded the disks, so can only assume that it came from the factory this way. Any information welcome.