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  1. J3ayy

    Scammed in a swap

    Name & Shame :razz:
  2. J3ayy

    Evo 5 indicators???? Orange or clear??

  3. J3ayy

    Putting Private Plate on Retention

    ok mate :)
  4. J3ayy

    Putting Private Plate on Retention

    As the local DVLA as closed down i am having to send a V317 form off to put my private plate on retention but will i ba able to send the new owners part off the V5 aswell or do i have to do it seperate any advice would be appreciated :)
  5. J3ayy

    It's dead !

    Glad nobody was hurt :)
  6. J3ayy

    Hi im new! Evo v

  7. J3ayy

    first time Evo owner

    Welcome along :D
  8. J3ayy

    ios 7.0 update due now!!!!

    B****rding Imessage wasnt working so had to do a network reset :(
  9. J3ayy

    My evo 5

    Nice :D
  10. J3ayy

    Evo Stolen

    Gutted for you :shock:
  11. J3ayy

    just got my first evo6

    Welcome along :D
  12. J3ayy

    The Inbetweeners!!!

    I cant wait for the new movie next year :p
  13. J3ayy

    Love my 6!!

    Welcome :D
  14. J3ayy

    New Member

    Welcome :D
  15. J3ayy


    Favour I would appreciate if fellow evo owners can like our lasses page as shes just setting her own hairdressers up :D
  16. J3ayy

    Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan Juke R

    TBH i dont think the guy in the Veyron was giving it some welly.!! :shock:
  17. J3ayy

    Facebook Users :D
  18. J3ayy

    new tattoo

    Nice work :D
  19. J3ayy

    My new tattoo

    In a few places like the collar bone but not as much as i thought :D Cheers mate :D
  20. J3ayy

    Florida 2013 day 2 forgot sun cream!!! Doh

    Florida & no sun cream = Disaster :whistling: We are going there again next year havnt been for a few years so well looking forward to it :D I Love Florida