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  1. scratcher

    EVO IX FQ360

    This nice example of an Evo IX came in for an enhancement detail, engine bay freshen up and interior clean. On arrival. The headlights were starting to fade so these were rectified first. A light sand followed by machine polishing. After. Wheels, tyres and arches were cleaned...
  2. scratcher

    Evo X Enhancement Detail

    I thought I'd share the pictures from this Evo X that was detailed a few months back, just before taking over the new workshop. This lancer was detailed for a local Evo and GTR specialist. The car is having one of their sticker packs fitted and the owner wanted the swirls and other little...
  3. scratcher

    Lancer Evolution VII GTA

    I had this pretty rare example in recently for a boarder line restoration. It's an Evo 7 GTA, being one of 22 imported from Japan. It was stolen from the owner 6 years ago. The thieves painted it red to disguise it, abused it round a field, ruining the gear box, suspension, brakes, various...
  4. scratcher

    Evo X Detailed

    This Evo X was brought in to have the swirls and other minor marks removed and give the whole car a nice freshen up. It seemed it pretty good condition to begin, it just needed a little something more. Wheels tyres and arches first. Auto Finesse Imperial and Verso. Followed by...
  5. scratcher

    Evolution VIII Detailed

    Here's a nice car to share with you guys. I need another Evo in my life after this!!! This lovely Evo VIII was in with a local tuner or a few months having lots of upgrades. It was all finished up and ready for the owner. The paintwork was really letting it down. It had a few areas painted at...
  6. scratcher

    BMW E91 320d Touring

    This ins't a huge write up. Just a short enhancement detail on a nice BMW in a lovely colour :) The car didn't look to bad to begin with. Being owned by a true petrol head, it's looked after pretty well. A tiny bit of polish residue in a few gaps but nothing major. The owner...
  7. scratcher

    Audi TT 225 Quattro Detail.

    I thought I'd share this as it's the first car I completed as an Auto Finesse Approved Detailer :) A recent purchase for the owner. They said it was flawless when they bought it but after a few weeks a mass of swirls and imperfections started to work their way out from behind the fillers...
  8. scratcher

    Scotia White Evo IV GSR - Detailed

    It came up as a topic a while back "What polish for a white Evo" so i thought'd I'd document the next one I got to work with. This was taken as a swap for the owners old drift car. I was asked if I could 'stop it looking so flat'... Challenge accepted! Having owned an Evo V in the past and...
  9. scratcher

    Has Anyone Seen This One?

    This might be a super old topic :whistling: But I just saw it and thought it was amazing!! Renault 5 // Mitsubishi EVO Engine // Jordan « Crank&Piston »Car Culture Lifestyle Community There must be some better videos of it about.
  10. scratcher

    Is This Allowed?

    I don't know if this is allowed to be posted up as it's not an Evo... But then again, Gaz has his car posted on here :whistling: With the Evo gone I bought this the next day. Debadged the boot the I bought it. Super comfortable to drive but it looked like a tractor. I ordered coilovers...
  11. scratcher

    The Last Pictures

    So my car is off to what will hopefully be a loving new home. I never had any decent pictures so I went with a mate and took some :smthumbup I've never been so attached to a car :blush: and I'll miss it A LOT!! Hope you likey :)
  12. scratcher

    My V

    I thought I'd chuck some pictures up in here of my car :) old and new.... The engine bay was pretty clean but boring... so I got carried away :whistling: :D
  13. scratcher

    Another One From Luton

    Hello everyone :cool: I decided to sign up on here after being told about the site by Rob and Chris while fitting my decat the other week...well, Chris done it all, I just stood about :whistling: Had a browse today and it seems a friendly forum, which is always good! And some familiar names...