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  1. B6lee

    Advice needed please chaps

  2. B6lee

    Lancer Evolution VII GTA

    Looks mint [emoji1303]
  3. B6lee

    Just looking to see who's about on here these day ?? :)

    Haha so there are some old faces still around :) Just no regulars then ? Nice big turbo apsy [emoji1303]
  4. B6lee

    Evolution VIII Detailed

    Does it run all down the side of the car when rains ? Lol
  5. B6lee

    Evolution VIII Detailed

    What is the "revive" like as a product ? Plastics on my daily have gone grey so looking to use some aerospace 304 to bring them back, or maybe the revive might be better ?? Lee
  6. B6lee

    Just looking to see who's about on here these day ?? :)

    I myself haven't been on forums much for a while so thought I'd start this to see who's still about ?? People still got there Evos or moved on ? I've still got mine although I came close to selling but decided to keep it..... Forever lol
  7. B6lee

    is mlr worth £36!

    I pay my membership every year. In my eyes it wouldn't be what it is without the financial backing of it members. A lot of time and effort goes into what the staff do for the club and I'm not just talking about the forum, takes a lot of time and effort for the staff to organise the events that...
  8. B6lee

    FPV Spanky On The Rocks

    Not been on here for a while and I see you still flying. Must say your skills have come on along way :)
  9. B6lee

    I'm stuck no one has an answer

    FQ 300 would have hard boost pipes throughout instead of big rubber sections. There was a extream 330 I think but different to 300's No MRs though
  10. B6lee

    And so it begins

    Someone's been doing some serious shopping :)
  11. B6lee

    Few updates to the 8

    8 weeks, what were they doing to be taking that long ?
  12. B6lee

    Where Is Everyone???

    Working in the sunshine again finishing this off. Shirts off shorts on, tan me up :)
  13. B6lee

    Blyton Trackday!

    Ah but you haven't been to Combe for a proper track day yet. Much more civilised :) Yea it's about an hour from my house. Which makes it closer for you to get to than what it is for me to get to blyton which is 4 hrs from me :(
  14. B6lee

    Blyton Trackday!

    Yes indeed it is !! I need to get something booked
  15. B6lee

    New tyres !!!

    That is a good price. I paid £546 delivered for my goodyears 255/35/18 then £20 to get local place to fit them :) Protyre quoted me £720 :shock:
  16. B6lee

    Where Is Everyone???

    Sunning myself at work :)
  17. B6lee

    ebay searching pays off!! :D eventually

    Damn good result that !!
  18. B6lee

    Evo stock pistons and rods

    Evo 6-9 pistons can be machined to take forged rods but Evo 5 ones can't. If your looking for 400 bhp then get standard 8 MR or 260 rods and pistons cos they will be direct fit
  19. B6lee

    Dashboard moulding

    No that's not standard. Someone has changed it :)
  20. B6lee

    Out with the old, in with the new

    Been a while since I updated this so here goes. Just about managed to get the car back together and drive it to castle Combe for the spring action day without any issues. Thanks to those that seen it and thanks for the positive comments. Since then the car has been back to body shop...