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  1. gooner8

    New Evo 6 Owner From Ayrshire

    Welcome, very nice
  2. gooner8

    Tme owner

    Very nice buddy
  3. gooner8

    My E4 Now

    Up up
  4. gooner8

    what do you think?

    Up up
  5. gooner8

    Engine update

    Up again
  6. gooner8

    Lowering springs nd bembo`s fitted

    Up so I don't have to spend hours looking for it
  7. gooner8

    Evo 6 limits

    I'd say 360-380 max on a evo 6 engine :)
  8. gooner8

    Engine code

    Cheers,yeah look on there but after 5 Pages I've gave up, was told it was an 8 but wanted to check :)
  9. gooner8

    Engine code

    Does any one know which evo this engine is for? Doesn't seem to be on the engine code sticky?
  10. gooner8

    My evo 4 :)

    Very nice mate tho I'd have white wheels ;)
  11. gooner8

    Little help needed

    Yeah that's the one:whistling:lol
  12. gooner8

    Little help needed

    Can't think of the company in Scotland but there is definitely an evo specialist company not far from you ?? :)
  13. gooner8

    Bye bye vortex

    Lucky no one was behind you:shock::shock:
  14. gooner8

    3port and a remap tomorrow

    And what mods are they?? :)
  15. gooner8

    Another whats is worth thread...sorry

    Engine £1000-£1500, tub £500,, rs diff£500, wheels £150-£300 depends on tyre wear, seats £200-£300. IMO best looking to see how much similar parts are going for and gauge it by that :)
  16. gooner8

    Finally my new engine is starting to take shape

    Well done sounds awesome! With the looks the looks to go with it :)
  17. gooner8

    What is the Best polish for a White Evo?

    Meguiars 3 step is good, paint cleaner - polish- wax, worked wonders on my 4 tho it is sliver, or dodo light fantastic meant to be good :)
  18. gooner8

    Type r vs Evo 4

    Evo all day long ;)
  19. gooner8

    out with the old and in with the new!

    I think it's bits of mental mate? Not good id say! :)
  20. gooner8

    Enkei allot refurb colour???

    White! Defo the best colour for a black car or any car saying that IMO :)