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Crossfire Adventure: Sunny Tor

Discussion in 'Non Evo' started by jab1a, May 8, 2018.

  1. jab1a

    jab1a Member

    May 27, 2013
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    Hi All,
    First long range test with the new Gemfan Hulkie 5055 props, the quad was tuned for Gemfan Windancer props but it still loved these new Hulkie's just as much. The pure speed and grip of these props is amazing and suggest anyone who has not tried them yet to give them a go.

    This flight is from the very bottom of a tor all the way to the top. Beautiful sunny day but the wind was strong going from left to right near the peak but this didn't produce too much jello or trouble to the quad.

    ImpulseRC Reverb
    Gemfan Hulkie 5055 props
    Gemfan Maverick 30Amp Bl_Heli32 ESC's
    3BHobby 2207 2650Kv motors
    Acehe Formula 1500mAh 95C 4s lipo
    Matek F405 Betaflight 3.3.1
    Matek vTx
    GoPro Session 5 1080p 60fps SV/PT
    TBS Crossfire Tx and Micro V2
    Flights are all within 500m LOS. Thank you to my spotter.


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