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Abandoned FPV Freestyle Adventure

Discussion in 'Non Evo' started by jab1a, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. jab1a

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    May 27, 2013
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    Hi all, Now the racing season is over its time to finally get back to some FPV adventures. Here is some clips of a the fun had at a place that needs to have a revisit soon ;)

    The props I am using for these flights are Gemfan Master Series 5x4x3 and 5x45x3BN, these props are so efficient and spool up noticeably faster than similar style props I have used. Both sets are very durable and lived up to the punishment of the day. The 5x4x3 were very useful inside the building giving amazing grip in the tight corners without floating and the 5x45x3BN gave extreme top end speed and power outside but still giving precision and grip at low RPM.

    The match of Armattan Frame, Gemfan props and Acehe lipo has been a game changer for the way I fly lately and has given me so much confidence in the kit to go out and tackle any situation head on.

    Thank you to BrimzFPV and Matt for an amazing FPV adventure and for spotting on the day.

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